How to Boost Internet Speed

Does your internet speed seem sluggish? If so, try these tips for getting the most from your internet connection.

Secure your wireless broadband network

If your wireless broadband network isn’t secure, your neighbor may be logging on and sharing your connection,  this will decrease your own broadband connection so be sure you are secured. Prevent unauthorized access by accessing the security settings within your router’s browser.

Avoid peak surfing hours

Evenings and weekends tend to be more congested than during the day or night.

Change your broadband router

If you access the internet via a wireless network, you may get a slower broadband connection than if you were connected to your broadband router or modem directly via cable. If you can try and connect to you router directly as you will get more speed out of your connection

Internet Speed Booster Tool

Another option is to give your PC a quick scan and try PC Healthboost , PC Healthboost main scanning process tells you a lot about the health of your PC.